Lost in NYC

A Subway Adventure

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Pablo’s first day in a New York City school quickly goes off the rails during a field trip to the Empire State Building. Pablo accidentally gets on the wrong train, but with help from a new friend and from the city itself, he soon is on the fast track to becoming a local. This story—which features maps, archival photos, and fascinating facts—will help readers explore the subway without leaving their seats. It brings all the bustle and beauty of NYC to young readers around the world.


 "Required reading for anyone, tourist or resident, mystified by or anxious about using arguably the greatest public-transportation system on the planet."
     --Kirkus Reviews STARRED REVIEW

★ "The storytelling is kinetic...this book is sure to be a hit"
     --School Library Journal STARRED REVIEW

 "Young readers enamored by the Big Apple will be both delighted by the wealth ofinformation and atmospheric artwork and encouraged by Pablo and Alicia’s successful, if a bit nervewracking, solo journeys."
     --Booklist STARRED REVIEW

 "With humor and sensitivity, Spiegelman reveals how getting lost can be the first step toward finding your way—while also giving NYC residents and visitors alike a valuable primer on the subway system and its history."
     --Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

★  "In this vibrant graphic-novel picture book, Spiegelman’s lively text is superbly matched by García Sánchez’s art. His detailed images from every perspective, filled with trains, stations, people, streets, skyscrapers, and even maps, vividly convey the kids’ travels below and above ground."
 --The Horn Book Magazine STARRED REVIEW

 "A graphic novel tale of friendship that combines fascinating facts about the New York subway system, the Empire State Building, history and geography."
    -- Shelf Awareness STARRED REVIEW

"García’s adroit art bursts with activity, while the story highlights the ingenuity city life brings out in the young. Packed with subway maps, lore and miscellany, it’s sure to be treasured by tweens and adults, too."
--New York Times

"Aimed at 'visual learners,' this elegantly presented and emotionally satisfying graphic story is well worth the time even of children who have never set foot in Manhattan."
   --The Wall Street Journal

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