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Zig and Wikki land on a planet full of strange creatures like flies, frogs, and raccoons, just when it seems to be lunchtime! In their hilarious search for a pet, the two friends, imagined by Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler, go on adventures that are out of this world. Young readers learn about nature in our world thanks to the fascinating Wikki’s Fun Facts woven into every twist of the exciting plot. This innovative science-based early reader comic book, filled with bugs and hugs, is sure to please both boys and girls.


Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards

2013 Harvey Award Nominee

"Readers will enjoy this engaging story of intergalactic beings, coming to Earth in search of a class pet."
--School Library Journal

"TOON Books has another success with Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework. It’s fun and informative, that prized double-header of children’s literature."
      --Read About Comics

"First-time author Spiegelman weaves the science facts into the breezy narrative cleverly and painlessly, and the art isn’t weighed down with the 'SpongeBob aesthetic' that is beginning to prevail in young-reader graphic novels but, rather, balances comedic alien figures with realistic animals to support both the educational elements and the zingy story."

"Trade Loeffler’s art is bold and appealing, and helps bring the principal characters’ Mutt-and-Jeff relationship to life... The science content makes Zig and Wikki a good choice for classroom use... a great bedtime read for budding naturalists."
 --School Library Journal

"The lines between fiction and non-fiction are especially rigid in the realm of beginning readers, perhaps for no reason better than a lack of vision on the part of publishers. Once again, thankfully, TOON Books brings that vision, along with quality story telling, artwork and overall packaging, to the frequently bland world of beginning reader books."
--Books 4 Your Kids

"There’s just enough science in the little factoids to interest the readers but it’s never allowed to dominate and things are always kept lovely and light... Zig and Wikki is brilliant, wonderful stuff for those first readers and a great first non-fiction graphic novel from Toon Books."
 --Forbidden Planet

"Nadja Spiegelman scrambles a science fiction setting and plot with nonfiction details about animals and the food chain, creating an engaging piece of science literature for kids... Zig and Wikki is the perfect introduction to the food chain for early readers."
 --The Graphic Classroom

"A+ material for any early reader teacher of science!!!"

"The subject matter and format is sure to appeal to boys learning to read... A solid easy reader."
  --Reading Chick

"It's awfully cute and funny, with lots of slapstick and unexpected results. I'd love to see more from Zig and Wikki, and so would my first grader."
     --Pink Me

"It's a cute and simple story, appropriate for all ages... I can pretty much guarantee that small children will like it."
  --I Love Rob Liefeld

"The non-stop action and zany alien characters are sure to attract both beginning readers and older reluctant readers... Give this book to children who clamor for books about cartoons and video games. Zig and Wikki take the chore away from reading and make it an amusing experience."
     --Curled Up with a Good Kid's Book

"These books [are] accessible without being condescending... They’re hardcover, intelligent, well-drawn and engaging — what else could you possibly want from a book?"
  --Postcard From The Mothership 

"Zig and Wikki are characters that play off of each other well, and the science is presented in an interesting and entertaining way. I think this is another winner."
--The Blue Stocking Society

"A fun, educational read...young comic fans definitely will want to see more of Zig and Wikki."
 --Graphic Novel Reporter

"The book mixes appealing cartooning with informational 'Wikki's Fun Facts' about animals."
--Publishers Weekly

"The cartoon-panel artwork makes clever use of photos with factual captions that appear on Wikki’s screen to help inform both the heroes and the book’s beginning readers."
--Kirkus Reviews

"The lineup of artists and writers that have created books for the series is amazing, and the books are fantastic. My son who's six years old reads them over and over and over, which is the best endorsement you can give for a kids' book."
    --Mike Lynch Cartoons

"It's funny, quick moving, and works in quick facts about animals into the story in an effective blend of fiction and nonfiction... In this debut, Spiegelman captures a great sense of timing and flow for young readers."
--Great Kid Books

"The graphic novel format adds to the humorous story and Zig and Wikki will keep young readers laughing as they crack jokes and even ride on the backs of frogs."
--Lori Calabrese

"Interesting facts about the creatures, regarding fly spit, frog shedding and the like... will no doubt entertain the kindergarten set."

"Toon Books’ offerings continue to be strong and they’ve already created an incredibly impressive catalog. Buy these for the children in your life. Or yourself. I am obviously far out of the target age range, but I love them."

"Interspersed with tidbits of nature lore... it's a fun alien adventure that
ends happily."
--Charlotte's Library

"Spiegelman pulls out all the stops to keep up the reader’s interest on every page, despite the fact that this is essentially a natural science lesson with a story very loosely attached to it."
--The Comics Journal

"Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework gives a unique spin to comics that TOON BOOKS hasn't yet shown... The Zig and Wikki series [will] be an excellent way to introduce science topics to first or second graders. It's also an excellent way to introduce them to the joy of reading, especially comics."
--Help Readers Love Reading!

"It's just perfect for early readers, especially those interested in science!"
--Booking Mama

"I've never heard [my son] guffaw with laughter quite like he did with this book."
--EN/SANE World

"The characters are approachable and entertaining to watch, while the animals look and behave in realistic fashion."
--Comics Worth Reading

"Zig and Wikki is a new children's graphic novel your kids will sure love."
--2 Clicks Comics

"Spiegelman's simple and easy to follow plot, the use of onomatopoeia, the varied fonts, the active illustrations, and humor pulls the reader in and makes them want to hang on to the very end."

--SWON Libraries

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